Cultural agitator & former manager of the independent art space FORDE (2012-2014). Artistic director of GET A NERVE, the alternative art fair in parallel to Artgenève (2019-2020). Curator of HOME OF TMF, a space dedicated to happenings, interactive installations and performances in Geneva (2020-2021).

Elena Montesinos - cultural agitator and art curator
Elena Montesinos – cultural agitator and art curator


2021 : +35y Artist Award, City of Geneva and FMAC Commission, Geneva
2018 : Act-Art Federation, Geneva
2001 : Geneva Council Grant and Residency in Schönhauser, Berlin
2000 : Lissignol-Chevalier-Galland Grant, Geneva
1999 : Manor Kunstpreis, Geneva
1998 : Swiss Art Award


Group and solo events


1984/ 2024, Collective showcase curated by Home of TMF. Bonfire of Poverty, performances, installation and DJ’s, DUPLEX, Geneva

THAT GIRL AND THE HOMIES, happening performance at FACE Z festival opening, with 30 artists conducted by Elena Montesinos at Vélodrome, Geneva


NEVER GATE, a psychoactive movie by Elena Montesinos & JD Schneider, 18′, Eurotrash with English subtitles – World premiere @ LUFF 2022

VIRTUAL FANTAISIES, augmented reality works inserted in the contemporary art exhibition “Renegotiation” at Cimetière des Rois, Geneva


BVR-REDUX, public workshop with That Girl during BIM 21, Centre d’Art Contemporain, Geneva

DEC 17TH, window performance as That Girl featuring The Wild Panthers and Nagi Gianni’s mask. Curated by Art au Centre in conjunction with Aspasie and Planet 22, Geneva

BONFIRE OF POVERTY, annual performance turned into a personal flashmob this year again, curated by TMF, Geneva

PAY ME A VISIT, Swiss coin mosaic being composed live, on the ground. Window performance at TOPIC art space, curated by A. Marzullo and D. Bernardi, Geneva

ARTIST TALK with D. Pernet at Art Basel for the Swiss Art Awards 2021, invited by Pro Helvetia. Talk and performance all-in-one at Pro Helvetia’s booth, Basel

EXTRA MUROS XXXXX “Au pied du mur” (Too Much Fun), Seedbombs happening with DIE UNKRAUT BOTSCHAFTHome of TMF, Geneva

# EXCUSE MY FRENCH, online performance at the Maison des Arts du Grütli Studio, curated by B. Giongo and N. Sugnaux, GO GO GO Festival, Le Grütli, Centre de production des Arts Vivants, Geneva


BONFIRE OF POVERTY, annual performance turned into a personal flashmob this year, curated by TMF, Geneva

MEGAWIN (Three Miraculous Funds), window video installation group show and lucky draw, curated by the artist, Home of TMF, Geneva

UCHIGAWA (The Misfits Fortress), group show and opening of the new art space run by the artist, member of the Collectif O.P.O. aka Oeil pour Oeil (L. Gabriel, W. Gaze, E. Montesinos, Séni) who curated the group show, Home of TMF, Geneva


BONFIRE OF POVERTY, annual performance curated by TMF, Geneva

SERVEZ-VOUS, public performance, Festival d’idées à but non lucratif, Geneva

AUTO-DESTRUCT, group show at Cross Lane Projects curated by C. Christie, P. Rousson and S. McCormick, Kendal (UK)

GREEN RIOT NOW by WEED AMBASSY (DIE UNKRAUT BOTSCHAFT), inflatable installation visible the whole summer in the botanical garden, Fonds d’art contemporain, Meyrin

BLACK IS THE NEW BLACK by DIE UNKRAUT BOTSCHAFT at BIG (Biennale des Espaces d’art indépendants de Genève), Geneva

GET A NERVE!, collaborative showcase curated by TMF, Villa Sarasin, Geneva


BONFIRE OF POVERTY, annual performance curated by TMF, Geneva 

UNION TMF 24/7, collaborative group show displayed in windows curated by TMF and C. Rigaut, Halle Nord, Geneva

AUTO DESTRUCT, group show, curated by D. Christie and S. Mc Cormick, Unit 1, London

PROTEST STICKERS, sticker edition and group show curated by L. Kropf, Continuum, Lyon


BONFIRE OF POVERTY, annual performance curated by TMF, Geneva

SONIC ROOTS, mobile sonic sculpture driving downtown during the Ghetto Biennale, curated by L. Gordon, A. Eugene & L. Woodroffe, Port-au-Prince

MAXIMA LUX VIRIDITATIS, neon light & data installation on a boat for the Geneva Lux festival, curated by FMAC, Geneva

SMALL (Semaine Magique Amour Liberté Luttes), group show and conferences curated by K. Alphonso and S. Leseigneur, Le Labo, Geneva

WEED AMBASSY (DIE UNKRAUT BOTSCHAFT) at BIG (Biennale des Espaces d’art indépendants de Genève), green riot installation in a shipping container, Plaine de Plainpalais, Geneva

THE MESS AGE IS THE MESSAGE, collective show during Electron Festival, curated by the artist at Espace Kugler, Palladium and L’Usine, Geneva

WORK IN PROGRESS (DIY), participative drawing installation at DAF Festival, La Reliure, Geneva

I TREAT VENOM / REMOVE TAINT / EMERITA NO TV, Lucky Draw and performance in tribute to Monte Verità, curated by F. Scauso at Artvera’s Gallery and Art-Genève 2017, Geneva


WALK ON THE PUBLIC SITE : BONFIRE OF POVERTY, performance curated by M. Amsler & M.-E. Knoerle, Geneva

XY_IN_THE_SKY_, skydive performance as Sisters XY with Sarah Lis and Flying Devil, featuring: “Gianni Motti Assistant” T-shirts, Bex

EVERYTHING MUST GO, retrospective auction – Curated by the artist, Aux Armes Etc., Carouge, Geneva


HAUTE-TENSION, interactive 3-D printing performance curated by the artist for Amnesty International and Cities against Death Penalty, Alhambra, Geneva

SILENT MOVIES, group show curated by C. Christie and V. Balogh at Q-Park, Cavendish Square, London

BIG, Installation in collaboration with Amnesty International, curated by BIG-Biennale des espaces Indépendants de Genève, Plaine de Plainpalais

SUNDAY AT THE PARK WITH ED, group show curated by C. Christie and P. Rousson, Display Gallery, London

ALPHABET EDITIONS, group show of all the CEC past editions, curated by V. Bacchetta, Centre d’Edition Contemporaine, Geneva

SCULPTUMES ET COSTURES, group show curated by N. Zaric at Parc Mon Repos, Lausanne


BLIND TEST, group show hidden inside surprise table-bombs, curated by the artist, Double Decker, Geneva

FORDA, group show and performances during Espace Forde’s 20th birthday party, Geneva

SYNALLAGMA SHOW, group show facing pieces from private artists collections, curated by E. Langlois, Quark, Geneva

RED BULL CURATES GENEVA, group show and workshop curated by Trivial Mass & F. Schmied, Cercle des Bains, Geneva

MOS ESPA, installation during the Mos Espa Festival, curated by F. Clerc & F. Post, Motel Campo, Geneva

HALLOWEEN EVERYDAY, group show, flashmob and fanzine edition curated by the artist, Double Decker, Geneva

3AM ETERNAL, The Invisible Cultural Environment curated by The Finnish Local Heritage Federation, Helsinki

GARAGE PARADISE, group show curated by K. Von Zurcher at La Tôlerie, Clermont-Ferrand


PANTONE K 2013 / KUGLER, December 2013 curated by Collectif Kugler, Geneva

THE RIDE, group show curated by Galerie J, in 3 different venues; Zoo Galerie, Nantes; Curtat Tunnel, Lausanne; Schwarzwaldallee, Basel


MMXII, video screenings at Ausstellungsraum Klingental, Basel

MULTI PLAKATI, silkscreen posters hung by SGA in the whole city of Lausanne and group show curated by N. Wagnières Serial Printer at Curtat Tunnel, Lausanne

LA REMISE EN JEU, group show at Villa Dutoit, curated by C.H. Tatot and the HEAD transmaster students, featuring the collection of Fonds Cantonal d’art contemporain, Geneva

PERSONAL EFFECTS ON SALE, group sale at Padiglione dell’Esprit Nouveau, curated by F. Calzolari, D. Casini, V. Emaldi, I. Guzman, U. Rossi &  M. Scotti, Arte Fiera, Bologna


DON’T BE CRUEL, group show curated by Anaid Demir at Galerie Vanessa Quang, Paris

YOUTRIBE, multimedia group show at the Centre d’Art Contemporain, Mapping Festival, Geneva

PANORAMA, graphic group show curated by Schönwehrs at the Centre d’Art Contemporain, Geneva


SALLE DES FETES, group show curated by M. A. Berthet at the Centre d’Art Contemporain, Geneva


GOLDEN SHOWER, solo show at Donald art-group’s window, Lausanne

PORTRAIT DE L’ARTISTE EN MOTOCYCLISTE, collection Olivier Mosset, Le Magasin, Grenoble

I AM BY BIRTH A GENEVESE, group show curated by A. Bianchini et P. Rousson at Vegas Gallery, London and Espace Forde, Geneva


GENERATION X, group show curated by R. Julliard at Galerie J, Paris

DOUBLE-VUE , group show in the public space curated by the Council, Geneva

XXX, solo show at Espace Kugler, Geneva

OIL!OIL!OIL!, solo show curated by R. Julliard at Galerie J, Geneva

FOOLS GOLD, solo show at Espace Doll, Lausanne

FORNICATION UNDER CONSENT OF THE KING, solo show at the ground floor of Musée d’Art et d’Histoire, curated by M. Vertut and L. Schwarz, Geneva


1:10, small scale group show presented in a 1:10 model, Espace Forde, Geneva

CECI N’EST PAS UNE RUINE, group show curated by the artist, Galerie Ruine, Geneva

ACCELERATION, group show at Serrières Karting Circuit, curated by A. de Pury and G. Hubert, Neuchâtel

PLASTIC, group show curated by John Tremblay, Cabinet des estampes, Geneva


BACK FROM THE GRAVE, group show curated by the artist, Duplex, Geneva

LOVELY SHANGAI MUSIC, group show curated by Team 404, Shanghai Zendai Museum of Modern Art

REAL vs UNREAL, group show curated by Hard Hat and A. Bianchini, Ganga Int’l Gallery, Bogota


PIRATE SATELLITE, Int’l Video and Animation, curated by E. Zile, Spacement, Melbourne

OFFICE WORLD, OFS Cultural Space, curated by S. Lamunière, Neuchâtel


GLUE, opening of the Berliner Kunstsalon, Berlin DESIGNMAI, at Vogt+Weizzenegger, Pfefferberg, Berlin

SWISSART VIDEOLOBBY, curated by OFS, Vilnius Contemporary Art Center, Vilnius



SWISSART VIDEOLOBBY, curated by OFS, Biennale de l’Image en Mouvement, CIC, Geneva

SUITS, Madrearte Associassao Cultural, Lisbon

THE BERLIN FLAG UPDATE, B.T.I.I for V+W, Designmai at Rote Rathaus, Berlin


URBAN DRIFT, curated by F. Ferguson, Das Moskau, Berlin

B.T.I.I. SHOW, Frohmann Gallery, Berlin



RECORD ALL OVER, Biennale de l’Image en Mouvement, MAMCO, Geneva

RECORD COLLECTION, Espace Forde, Geneva

THE CAMO SHOW, Museum Wiesbaden, curated by A. Vaillant and E. Svennung, Wiesbaden

HAIR STYLING, curated by A. Vaillant and E. Svennung, performances at hairdresser’s in New-York and Paris


YOU WIN!, Award from general store Manor, at MAMCO, Geneva

PHON, Espace Forde, Geneva

ONLY CONNECT, curated by Geneva Council, FRAC Nord-Pas-de-Calais

PULSIONS, curated by Attitudes, Centre Culturel Suisse, Paris


STIMULI, curated by B. Mari, Witte de With, Rotterdam

DU CAMOUFLAGE AU FREE STYLE 1, curated by A. Vaillant and E. Svennung, Galerie Yvon Lambert, Paris

HUMAN RIGHTS KARAOKE, curated by Geneva Council, Palais Wilson, Geneva

7 SECONDS, in all Métrociné cinema theaters, Lausanne and Geneva

DOGDAYS ARE OVER, videotheque, curated by N. Trembley, Centre Culturel Suisse, Paris


ANTICIPATION VERSION 4.0, Centre pour l’Image Contemporaine, SGG, Geneva

TECHNOCULTURE, curated by M. Ritter, Fri-Art, Fribourg

EIDGENOSSISCHE PREISE FUR FREIE KUNST, Museum zu Allerheilligen, Schaffhausen


THE SINGLE USE CAMERA SHOW, curated by Attitudes, Projektraum, Zurich

LOW BET, curated by L. Pittet, audio and video festival, Geneva


THE CHRISTMAS SHOW, Galerie Art & Public, curated by G. Motti, Geneva

IN-VIVO, curated by G. Motti, Geneva