Le Bûcher des Endettés [Bonfire of Poverty] – Performance in Geneva – 15th of December 2016

Walk on the Public Site performances curated by Madeleine Amsler & Marie-Eve Knoerle (What About Performance Art ?)

Elena Montesinos - The Montesinos Foundation

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Inspired by one of the most striking images of medieval Geneva, this project offered the Genevan population a great moment of symbolic jubilation by revisiting the concept of a pyre set up in a public place. The idea of this liberating fire was to invite everyone to come and get rid of those “burdensome” documents that weigh down our existence : parking tickets, court summonses, overdue invoices, reminders or receipts, either the originals or photocopies depending on each one’s preference.

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A “Debtors’ Parade” preceded the fiery performance. The procession headed to the Pointe de la Plaine de Plainpalais where the lighting of the fire and the burning of documents took place.