Elena Montesinos performs “irritainment” music with the weirdest low-fi to hi-fi technologies under various nicknames and disguises.



WE ARE THE PARANORMALS, spooky DJ Set and thermic camera performance, with Steev Lemercier and JD Schneider, Théâtre Saint-Gervais, Geneva


THAT GIRL AND THE HOMIES, happening, spoken word performance for the FACE Z festival opening, with 30 artists voices, conducted by Elena Montesinos at Vélodrome, Geneva

SOLAR SOUND SYSTEM – MINIMIX with That Girl & Maudite, Festival de la Cité, Lausanne

WE HAVE A PLAN, live video & audio performance for Mapping Festival @ Le Groove, Geneva

WE HAVE A PLAN, live video & audio performance for Mothership 12×24 @ Cave 12, Geneva


NEVER GATE, a psychoactive movie by Elena Montesinos & JD Schneider, 18′, Eurotrash with English subtitles – World premiere @ LUFF 2022

AN EVENING WITH THAT GIRL AND THE HOMIES, video mashup and closing party with Maudite and Kebab Injection! Starring: Nathanael Esh, Timothy Leighton, Elena Montesinos (That Girl), Lea Pohlhammer, Sanctus Povitch. Multimedia event hosted by GO GO GO Festival, Le Grütli, Geneva


MESSAGE IN A MACHINE, a dystopop track produced for Joyfully Waiting with Dr.Reverso, invited by N. Rebholz. Scroll down this page to listen.

I NEVER READ/ UNRELEASED GVA, Geneva’s finest experimental musicians mashing up TMF’s spirit! Live broadcast, Art-Basel, Basel

UNRELEASED MASHUP, live lecture of the UNRELEASED artist book edited by Pro Helvetia. Invited by D. Bernardi, featuring lectures by I. Languin, L. Pattaroni, C.H. Tatot. Live effects mashup by Sanctus Povitch. Maison Rousseau Littérature (MRL), Geneva

DEC 17TH, window performance as That Girl featuring The Wild Panthers and Nagi Gianni’s mask. Curated by Art au Centre in conjunction with Aspasie and Planet 22, Geneva

THAT GIRL IS STRANGE, live mix broadcast, invited by Nut-Nut TV, Case à Chocs, Neuchâtel


BIRTHDAY BASH, That Girl’s birthday mix at Bongo Joe for Résiliences Sonores, broadcasted on Radio Vostok

THAT GIRL AT MOTEL RADIO, live broadcast on July 23rd, Motel Campo, Geneva

GET A NERVE! – IN THE HOUSE, Jeff Mills TR-909 surprise live headphone performance curated by TMF around Villa Sarasin, Geneva

THE PARANORMALS, two DJ’s disguised as two dead rocking ghosts, spinning the spookiest records, Chez Jean-Luc, Geneva


SOUND OF THE SYSTEM #3 “TRAUM”, 2nd hand vinyl mix by That Girl for, listen on Soundcloud

SÄHKÖ NIGHT – “They came from outer space” at Technoculture 2, booking cooperation with A. Laubscher, featuring Tommi Grönlund, Jimi Tenor (live) and DJ Sid at Blue Factory, Fribourg

GET A NERVE!, concerts curated by TMF, featuring Jean-Louis CostesOliver CheslerReverend Beatman, Jérémy Chevalier, Le Festival de L’Amour, ALDI Music Discount, Leen C, Flower Clock, Zolle, Villa Sarasin, Geneva


BON BAGAY, voodoo parade and salt stencils, curated by MOS ESPA and Musée d’ethnographie de Genève (MEG), Geneva


PA-PA-PAP-PAP, party at Swiss Pavillon, launched with Fabien Clerc and Frederic Post, featuring swiss, haitian and international artists, Ghetto Biennale, Port-au-Prince

LEGAL TENDER GROUND ZEROLucky Sunday money throwing in the backyard, event launched by the artist featuring extralucid sounds by Maudite & Fuxy Lady, Walden, Geneva

PUNKAHONTAS plays weirdo tunes with Ladybruce, La Guinguette, Paléo Festival, Nyon

THE MESS AGE IS THE MESSAGE, electro ritual and performance featuring The HorroristOpening ceremony of Electron Festival, Palladium, Geneva


UNTIL THE LAST DANCE (San Dance Company), dance performance curated by Agustina Struenngmann with the San Keller crew at MANIFESTA 11 – What People do for Money – Reflections Pavillon, Zürich


PUNKAHONTAS, music stolen from the Internet, La Bâtie at Alhambar, Geneva

PUNKAHONTAS, punk’n’roll at Makhno, L’Usine, Geneva


THE PARANORMALS AT THE SKATEPARK, Plainpalais Skateboard Contest, Geneva


FORZA!, DJ gig with Music for the Space, CSA Baraonda, Milano


LEATHERETTE, various DJ gigs with Music for the Space

GET PSYCHED!, DJ set and performance by The Paranormals, The Spook House, Berlin


BUMFUCK, DJ set & VT with Demetravox at L’Usine, Geneva


IN THE HOUSE, cyber-radio broadcasting from different DJ appartments, Geneva

IRRITAINMENT, noisy DJ set at Centre d’Art Contemporain, La Buvette, curated by Frederic Post, Geneva


THE SISTERS WITHOUT MERCY, DJ set with Water Lilly at Alhambar, Geneva

LE SPECTRARIUM, after-show Ghost air-gig, Pavillon Le Corbusier, Paris

TRICK OR TREAT, Zombie Rock gig at “Eglise des Pâquis”, featuring The Living Dead Boys, Geneva

ARM-WRESTLING NIGHT, curated and co-produced by Klat @ Shark, Geneva

SHAKE YOUR BONES, Euro Mongo Label Night with The Living Dead Boys, Piping Club, Geneva

TOXIC MONDAY, Dj Sid and Polly Tox, punkrock Monday at L’Aiglon, Geneva

THE PARANORMALS PLAY RIOT SOUND, 1st of May at Moebel Olfe, Berlin


WASTED AND PROUD, DJing performance in hairy outfits by M. Mousset, Viva Dolor Gallery, Lyon

THE SISTERS WITHOUT MERCY, DJ set with Water Lilly at Acceleration-aftershow, Serrières Karting, Neuchâtel

BOTTOMS UP, hairy- DJing performance in hairy outfits by M. Mousset, aftershow at Le Bourg, curated by Circuit, Lausanne


THE PARANORMALS, Ghost DJ performances in many european clubs with Dj Lemercier

THAT GIRL, underwater DJ set at the Dom Liquid Sound, Bad Sulza

STUDIO FAVELA, The Paranormals and The Living Dead Boys at Golden Gate, Berlin


HAPPY 4703!, party launched by the artist, promoting dancefloor irrit-tainment, with Namosh, Snax, Mooner, Krylon Superstar and Plastique de Rêve, Das Moskau, Berlin

FLAW TO FIZZ, electro-voodoo performances and record release in Europe with DJ Lemercier

THAT GIRL IN BANGKOK, DJ set at the Ice-Age opening, Bangkok


THE SHOW MUST GO HOME, homestudio quest-broadcasting through Internet radios

I LOVE MP3, iPod performances and sonic homemade objects, Best Concept-store, Berlin


ARM WRESTLING NIGHT, public performances and DJ madness launched by the artist, White Trash Berlin

LACK OF EVIDENCE, presentation of the short movie from the artist and party, Berlin

IMBISS APOCALYPSO, performances and DJ contest launched by the artist, White Trash, Berlin


BACKSTAGE ON FIRE, all night performance, sound, videos & cookies, Berlin

JAEGERMASTERZ, “Erkrankung durch Musique” birthday-night, invited by Mooner, Pathos, Munich

B.T.I.I. (Berlin Tourist Information International), sonic stewardess service, performing through the city in a special sonic vehicle, Cookies Club, Berlin


WE ARE THE CAMO, wireless headphones party, Bout du Monde, Geneva

TO THE BONE, electro madness at Manoir de Haute-Roche with the Viewlexx DJ team

EURO MONGO ALL STARS, special events and electro-punk label,

KRANK IS BEAUTIFUL, a night of electro madness launched by the artist, featuring Sylvester Boy and Herr Mooner, Usine Kugler, Geneva

KKKRRVVVRRBBRRGGH, DJ set in disguise, for KLAT, L’Usine, Geneva


BRING THE NOISE, low tech live-act, Atelier genevois de gravure contemporaine, Geneva

PRAISE THE BOUNCER, a night launched by the artist in collaboration with The Horrorist and ‘things to come’, New-York, live-acts, Circuit, Lausanne

YOU WIN !, competition and lottery with Dj Luciano and Crowdpleaser, MAMCO, Geneva


FAN CLUB ORCHESTRA, Nintendo Gameboys live-act, ZAC 99, ARC, Musée d’Art Moderne, Paris

FREE SAMPLE DEMIX, live-act invited by M. Laurette, Festival Nouvelles Scènes, Dijon

PLASTIQUE DE REVE, live electronic music and toy computers, Game Over @ Substrat, Rohstofflager, Zurich

ULTRA-VIOLET INVISIBLE GRAFFITIS, cycle of vandalism performances, Geneva


N20, laughing gas night, Geneva

I WILL SING FOR YOU, live-act with Nintendo Gameboy and musical greeting cards, Liste 98, Basel

SOUND OF THE SYSTEM, sonic limousine performing in the city, curated by FCDAV, Geneva

TUNE OUT TURN OFF DROP IN, acid test party and special blotter annual edition launched by the artist, Atelier genevois de gravure contemporaine, curated by V. Bacchetta, Geneva


KISAG CONVENTION, laughing gas party launched by the artist, Geneva