MAXIMA LVX VIRIDITATIS (2017) – The Montesinos Foundation (Elena Montesinos), light and data installation by the lakeside on the Italie boat, curated by FMAC. Geneva’s motto – “Post Tenebras Lux” (“after darkness comes the light”) – takes on its full meaning during the Geneva Lux festival showcasing luminous art installations on the streets and certain buildings when the dark […]


SERVEZ-VOUS (“help yourself”), public performance distributing money, Geneva, 15th of May 2019 In Switzerland, giving away money – while wearing a black block burka made of diverse supporter flags – is illegal but yet quite some fun… SERVEZ-VOUS (HELP YOURSELF) – The Montesinos Foundation – Elena Montesinos SERVEZ-VOUS (HELP YOURSELF) – The Montesinos Foundation – Elena Montesinos […]


During the Ghetto Biennale 2017 in Port-au-Prince, The Montesinos Foundation and her accomplices have constructed a huge mobile sound system, proudly composed of used tires as the central eye-catching detail. When it comes to “upcycling”, one of the first things that immediately come to mind are used tires. This giant loudspeaker driving around town on a […]


During the second BIG – Biennale des espaces d’art indépendants de Genève, 2017 : DIE UNKRAUT BOTSCHAFT (= The Weeds Embassy) project has been launched officially in one of the sixty shipping containers where BIG takes shape. DIE UNKRAUT BOTSCHAFT is an eco-activism concept that started in Berlin during a residency in 2005, when discovering an area fallow in Sebastianstrasse […]


Interactive psycho-active installation inside a metallic intercontinental container during the 2015 B.I.G. Biennale in Geneva. This experience stands against Guantanamo audio torture methods. The public kneeled in the sand, in total darkness while listening to a 8 minutes heavy-metal riffs loop through loud headphones. Music by Francisco Meirino. Made in collaboration with Amnesty, part of the […]


Antechrist crucifix made out of 5 swiss cents coins. PANTONE K 2013, curated by Collectif Kugler, Geneva ANTI – Elena Montesinos ANTI – Elena Montesinos ANTI – Elena Montesinos – British two pennies coins mosaic, London 2015   EnregistrerEnregistrer EnregistrerEnregistrerEnregistrerEnregistrer


Large vacuum sculpture drip to fix on the ceiling, as a nasty infiltration of some kind. The golden one depicts a gold brick melting, and the black one referes to dripping oil (also known as ”black gold”). PLASTIC, group show at CABINET DES ESTAMPES, Geneva, curated by John Tremblay, 2007. Plastic vacuum-sculpture; gold pigments, signed & numbered. […]