During the Ghetto Biennale 2017 in Port-au-Prince, The Montesinos Foundation and her accomplices have constructed a huge mobile sound system, proudly composed of used tires as the central eye-catching detail. When it comes to “upcycling”, one of the first things that immediately come to mind are used tires. This giant loudspeaker driving around town on a […]


Arm-Wrestling tournament co-produced by Klat. The central piece is a custom professional arm-wrestling standing bench covered in black leather and golden studs to maximize the ceremonious aspect of this tournament. The crowd, cheering and screaming is mainly composed of well-known swiss artists engaging themselves recklessly into face-to-face combats to win a few original prizes. Public […]


A limousine driving through Geneva’s banking district carrying an invisible guru speaking to the population through loudspeakers diffusing recipes to reach success and victory through mental training. Sonic performance in the city, curated by FCDAV, Geneva. Soundtrack by LNA & Plastique de Rêve. SOUND OF THE SYSTEM – Elena Montesinos SOUND OF THE SYSTEM – Elena […]