Perfume (World’s End Scent); smells of smoky gunpowder, burning tyres and rainy battlefields, composed by Frank Capra. Collection privée, 2007. ARMAGEDDON – Elena Montesinos ARMAGEDDON – Elena Montesinos ARMAGEDDON – Elena Montesinos WAZAWAI (ARMAGEDDON) – Commercial for the fragrance edited by S. Rodriguez, 2012 災い (Wazawai) means…. calamity.  


Knife-throwing installation. Various other sizes and patterns available. XXX, Solo show at ESPACE KUGLER, Geneva, 2008. XXX – Elena Montesinos – ESPACE KUGLER, Geneva, 2008 XXX – Elena Montesinos – ESPACE KUGLER, Geneva, 2008 BONAVENTURE – Playing cards patchwork carpetting the floor.  


Swiss money coins mosaic shaped as a giant stain on the wall. Some call it “Banker’s Sperm”. (Saft means Juice in german). 250 x 200cm (various sizes available) Swiss Folks, group show GALERIE EDWARD MITTERRAND, Geneva 2006. SAFT (detail) – Elena Montesinos SAFT – Elena Montesinos MORE OR LESS – Elena Montesinos Mathematic swiss coin […]


Swiss Passport with a modified morphing photo. This portrait has been obtained by assembling two identical halves of the face, with a mirroring symetrical effect. This passport has been used during 6 years all over the world to prove the unaccuracy of security systems. Collection Privée, 1999-2005. BORDERLINE – Elena Montesinos